2017–18 Junior Division Winner

My Heritage – Ananya Ravi

The sun disappears into gloomy night,

The moon and stars are out of sight.

Clouds devour empty sky,

Thunder and lightning form their ally.


Whilst all activities cease to play,

I sit and think about before today.

What had happened prior to my birth,

What value had culture been worth?


India was more than spices and tea,

Strong fighters we were made to be.

As the British occupied Indian land,

War began, and freedom was banned.


While their hatred for the British was clear,

The country began to live in fear.

Being controlled by complete strangers,

Was certainly going to be a danger.


Independence Day that we celebrate,

Is mainly there to commemorate,

All the lives that were risked to free

India from utter misery.


Aside from India’s broken past,

The country was divided into several castes.

In one such caste my family lay,

Religious beliefs that lead the way.


Statues of gods made of gold,

Stories continuing to be told.

Music and dance the focus of pleasure,

Carnatic and Hindustani sung for leisure.


To this day, these traditions are there,

People following them everywhere.

I look at the sky to see dark blue,

Like India’s past, the weather improved too.